About Us

Welcome to Renovi!
We are a company that specializes in creating and consulting for the Metaverse. Our goal is to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals to establish a presence in the Metaverse and take advantage of its potential to connect, create, and engage with each other.
We have two main products: Renovi Hub and Renovi Studios.
At Renovi HUB we are revolutionizing the world of advertising by providing immersive advertisements in games and Metaverse platforms where brands and game developers can monetize their game or metaverse experiences.
We offer a comprehensive solution that includes advertising space, analytics, in-game e-commerce integration, and AI virtual assistants. Our goal is to facilitate seamless brand engagement within the gaming and metaverse environments, unlocking new revenue opportunities for brands and game developers. Phase 1 of the project has just begun with land rentals and templated designs that can be used within Decentraland and Sandbox Metaverse platforms by brands in order to advertise their services.
Renovi Studios is a 3D creation and consultation agency for the Metaverse. Our team of experienced 3D designers, developers, and virtual reality experts can help you create a unique and impactful virtual presence. We offer a range of services, including consultation and strategy development, 3D design and development, and virtual reality expertise. We work with various Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, Sandbox and Spatial, to create engaging and interactive virtual worlds for various purposes such as virtual events, virtual businesses, education, virtual real estate and more.
We believe that the Metaverse has the potential to transform the way we connect, create, and engage with each other. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to helping businesses, organizations, and individuals establish a presence in the Metaverse. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you establish a presence in the Metaverse, please don't hesitate to contact us.