Getting started with the competition

Head over to our website topmetaversebuild.com, and register through the registration form.
Get started on your design and remember, WE are building the metaverse together, so get creative!
This challenge can be taken as an individual or in a team. Although only one file can be uploaded on our platform, with just one picture shown on the Renovi marketplace, you’re encouraged to upload your work on Google Drive or Dropbox. And please share it in the Aftermath Islands design competition channel in the Renovi Discord and Aftermath Islands Discord.
If you want more traction from us you can post your design on Twitter or Instagram tagging Renovi and Aftermath Islands and we will repost and retweet for you.
Accounts can be found below:
Aftermath Islands Twitter: @AftermathIsland Aftermath Islands Instagram: @​​aftermathislands
Renovi Twitter: @RenoviNFT Renovi Instagram: @renovinft