How to upload

Head over to renovi.io and click the "Apply" button on the top right Fill in the form to get accepted by a Renovi moderator Once accepted, you can upload your 3D file and all submission info With your NFT details now entered, click “Create” and follow your Metamask wallet’s instructions Submit the materials via: Renovi Platform
Feel free to share your design in the Aftermath Islands competition channel of the Renovi Discord* (we want applicants to exchange ideas, give feedback, and collaborate). Aftermath Islands competition channel of the Renovi Discord* We’d like to see your thought process in creating your design. What inspired you? And what steps did you take to come to the final design?
Any work uploaded to the Renovi Discord could receive free promotion on our social media channels.
IMPORTANT NOTES: Entries are to be minted on the Renovi platform. The maximum file size for this competition is 500MB. All submissions must include: A preview file/image of your work; The 3D file needs to be uploaded as a zip. The content should be sufficient for the judges to clearly understand the proposal and be explored and presented according to the stated evaluation criteria. Although not required, we welcome video in MP4, MOV or AVI format uploaded with the rest of the contents on Discord.
Warning: Any entries not successfully minted cannot be reviewed by the judges.