To successfully submit your creation you must:
  1. 1.
    Register through our form on our website
  2. 2.
    Mint your design on Renovi’s NFT Marketplace
  3. 3.
    Post your design on your Instagram/Twitter account tagging both Renovi and Aftermath Islands
  4. 4.
    Tag 2 of your best creators friends
  5. 5.
    Post any accompanying documents in our Discord channel
  6. 6.
If you run into any questions please feel free to ask any of the moderators in our Discord Channel.
PLEASE NOTE: The Renovi Marketplace runs on the Polygon network. Minting on Polygon requires a gas fee, but gas fees should never exceed more than a few cents. For more information on Polygon visit their official website here: https://polygon.technology/ You will need a MetaMask wallet to use the Renovi NFT Marketplace. Please refer to the official MetaMask FAQ if you have any questions about how to initiate a wallet.