Technical Specifications

Various 3D file formats are accepted on the Renovi marketplace. Files can also be accepted in a zip format.
For this buildathon, we will only accept designs specifically build for Unreal Engine so that they are accesible in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.
Accepted file types
- Unreal
- gLTF
Texture Resolution
Textures must be properly formatted into an Atlas of 8K or lower (May have multiple Atlas if needed).
Individual Material Resolution at approximately:
- Super small items (jewelry, currency) 124px - 252px
- Small items (bottles, knickknacks) 252px -612px
- Medium items (shelving, furnishings) 512px -1024px
- Large items/ Building modular pieces 1024px – 2048px (tiled if needed)
Interior elements must be scaled to a realistic size and fit within the 30m x 30m dwellings as well as have interactions where sensible.
Houses must remain within 30m x 30m in-game size and be made to be modular.
Retail Spaces must remain within 30m x 30m in-game size and be made to be modular.
Clubhouses must remain within 60m x 60m in-game size and be made to be modular.
For technical specifications with regards to wearables please visit the Ready Player Me information page here.
Renovi has built its marketplace to act as a large decentralised storage, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. That means there is no limit to the size you can upload. However, since their storage solution is decentralised, the larger the file, the longer the upload time.
We recommend a maximum file size of 500MB.
Each design will be used as an asset in a game, so it must be able to function as such.
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